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Pooter from Two Wheels And A Motor goes to Ice Sliding SchoolOn February 13th, 2011, Pooter took an ice sliding class. No kidding, a school for learning how to slide a motorcycle on ice. Trust me, we are not nearly creative enough to make stuff like this up. Part of the Flat Track Racing School, this winter one-day course was taught by Phil Little. Pooter brought our portable audio gear and chatted with Phil as well as Simone Maltais who was there photographing the event. One of the other students talked with Pooter before and after the school - she was one enthusiastic rider! 

The Minneapolis Mopeds recoreded at Donny Dirk'sLast, but certainly not least, a bunch of guys from The Minneapolis Mopeds clamored round the table to chat with us about their 2010 Moped Rally. This was recorded in January of 2011 at Donny Dirk's Zombie Den in Northeast Minneapolis Minnesota. As you will hear in this episode, these guys are serious and passionate about their bikes. Some are restored or modified existing machines, and some are virtually built from scratch. Fundamental riding at it's best!


The Minneapolis Mopeds

Flat Track MinnesotaNo, we didn't JUST record scooter stuff at Donny Dirk's Zombie Den, we talked about motorcycles too. In the case of this episode, we talked about learning to flat track. Rick Washcheck (one of the instructors at Flat Track Minnesota) joined us to talk about a recent training session held at Stockholm Motorsports. Ryan O'Rourke and Pooter (among others) completed the school and join in on this episode. It sounds like a GREAT time. Recorded in January of 2011.


Flat Track School at Stockholm Motorsports

Donny Dirk's Two Wheels And A MotorYeah, it had been WAY too long since we put out a podcast. Trying to make up for lost time, we recorded for hours and hours at Donny Dirk's Zombie Den in Minneapolis. Hey, they were foolish enough to NOT throw us out, so we just kept going. In this episode, Marty from Go Moto joins us to talk about the scooter races that were help this past year at the Stockholm Motorsports Park in Cokato Minnesota. Ryan Scott from BlueCat Motors also stopped by the chat about his new location in St. Paul Minnesota. Recorded in January of 2010.

Scooter Races in Cokato Minnesota Blue Cat Motors

Two Wheels And A Motor at Donny Dirk's Zombie DenThe Twin Cities are has some great Two-Wheels-And-A-Motor friendly bars and lounges. This episode is our first at one of them. Donny Dirk's Zombie Den is located in Northeast Minneapolis and they fell for our sad, dejected faces and let us inside on a cold winter night to record. Not only did they keep us safe from Zombie attack, they were GREAT hosts and we had a wonderful time. Recorded in January of 2011, this is the first of several episodes recorded at Donny Dirk's Zombie Den. We chat with Shannon Freitag, the General Manager, and then hear from Kent Aldrich and Jon Boorom on the 2010 Scooter Rally. Kevin Kocur from Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly stopped by our booth and mentioned a few upcoming events for 2011. Stay tuned for more from Donny Dirk's

Donny Dirk's Zombie Den Hosts Two Wheels And A Motor

Minneapolis Mopeds at Hell's Kitchen Part TwoAs often happens when a group of people who are passionate about their shared interest get together - the conversations were fun and LONG. We recorded more stuff with the Minneapolis Mopeds guys at Hell's Kitchen than we could possibly fit in one show. Even trimming it down to two shows was tough.


Minneapolis Mopeds at Hell's Kitchen Part OneBoy! Tony at Hell's Kitchen in downtown Minneapolis just never seems to learn... he was kind (foolish) enough to have the Two-Wheels-And-A-Motor crowd back again on May 12th, 2010. This time we arrived with a crowd of moped riders. A bunch of the guys from Minneapolis Mopeds joined in to talk about their passion - mopeds. Oh yeah, and getting mopeds to nearly unbelievable levels of performance. This is the first of two parts recorded that night at Hell's Kitchen.

Minneapolis Mopeds at Hell's Kitchen Part One

Hell's Kitchen Special Use EXTRA Caution During Early Season RidesIn March of 2010, Alex, a bartender at Hell's Kitchen, severely injured his leg during an early season ride. Click on the image to the left to hear his story. We encourage ALL riders to exercise EXTRA caution during early season rides. The roads are likely in poor shape, and you need to give yourself time to sharpen your riding skills after a winter of being off the bike. Alex's X-ray images are below.


Alex's Xrays

Long distance riding with Michael Grren and Laurie Gathje recorded at Hell's KitchenThe second episode from Hell's Kitchen in downtown Minneapolis (November of 2009).

We just can't seem to get enough of the long distance rider stories. The Two-Wheels-And-A-Motor crew hung out at Hell's Kitchen with Michael Green and Laurie Gathje. Michael knows Pooter's father and has survived riding with him AND with Pooter. No small accomplishment in itself. Every county has a courthouse, so if you want to be sure you've visited every county in a state, hitting each courthouse is a good way to go. Michael and his lady friend Laurie has visited every courthouse in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, Michigan, and got a good start on Illinois. Ummmm... they've been visiting the OUTSIDE of all these courthouses.... of course....

Michael Green and Laurie Gathje reocrded at Hell's Kitchen in downtown Minneapolis

From Hell's Kitchen in downtown Minneapolis Scott ShelerudHow about some more long-distance riding stories? How about recording them at a downtown Minneapolis hotspot?

On November 30th, 2009, the Two-Wheels-And-A-Motor crew was at Hell's Kitchen in downtown Minneapolis to talk with Scott Shelerud. TWAAM regular Pooter met Scott on the road in Morehead Minnesota. Pooter struck up a conversation and got Scott to agree to be a guest. Hey, we couldn't make this stuff up if we tried. That's right, we're out on the road looking for guests anyplace we can find them. Scott is an avid rider and has ridden in 49 states. He has been on two wheels from the Arctic Circle to Key West. The story we were most interested in was his ride to circumnavigate the Minnesota state border. All the way around the state, often on paths as opposed to roads. It's sounds like a great ride to us.

Scott Shelerud recorded at Hell's Kitchen in downtown Minneapolis

Our first departure from two wheels... a special Four-Wheels-And-A-Motor podcast! I think you'll agree, this is no ordinary "car talk" show. One of our regular panelists, CT, went with the Salt-2-Salt team to Bonneville Utah. Recorded on October 8th, 2009 at the TWAAM studios in Minneapolis, CT tells the story of helping out the during the building of a 1953 Studebaker and his chance to take the wheel at the Bonneville salt flats.



Chris Thomas joins the Salt2Salt team at the Bonneville salt flats

Pizza Luce Two Wheels and a Motor Cannonball RunThe Pizza Luce Cannonball Run! On Saturday, September 26th 2009, the Two-Wheels-And-A-Motor crowd spent the day visiting all five Pizza Luce locations. Taking off from Diamonds Coffee in Northeast Minneapolis, we headed to Duluth over 160 miles away. Then it was back to Pizza Luce St. Paul, off to Pizza Luce Seward, Pizza Luce downtown Minneapolis and we ended up at Pizza Luce uptown Minneapolis.

Pizza Luce Two Wheels and a Motor Cannonball Run Duluth, St. Paul, Minneapolis

Pizza Luce Cannonball Run riders on the road

Pizza Luce Two Wheels and a Motor Cannonball Run the winners

Summer 2009 Wrap Up Part OneSummer 2009 Wrap Up Part TwoSummer Wrap-Up 2009 - Parts One & Two. Two Wheels and a Motor takes a look back at the summer of 2009 in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area. In episode one, Ryan Scott of BlueCat Motors talks about the Mods vs. Rockers event. Lindsay Brown covers the Bearded Lady Motorcycle (and Scooter) Freak Show, and Pooter covers his racing experience. In episode two, Lora Murtha of Scooterville goes over the Rattle My Bones Scooter Rally. We also have Wendy from Hair Police talking with Ruth about her entry into the rider scene. Wendy took the motorcycle safety course, passed her test, bought a bike, and attended her first rally all during the summer of 2009.

Recorded LIVE at the Los Vesparados Scooter-themed Art ShowScooter-themed art, a very cool Northeast Minneapolis building, lots of vintage (and modern) scooters (and motorcycles), did we mention all of the art?

Recorded on June 13th, 2009, the Two-Wheels-And-A-Motor crew invaded Los Vesparados. Los Vesparados combined the cult following of scooters with a line up of local and international artists working in different styles and mediums to celebrate the spirit of the scooter..... and what a great celebration is was! Most of the local scooter clubs were well-represented. Groups of scooters descended on the  Northrup/King building for an evening of art, music, food and hanging out looking at all the cool rides.

CLICK HERE to see some of the art

Los Vesparados Scooter-themed Art Show

Twin Cities area 2009 motorcycle and scooter rider events with Kevin KocurDidn't you guys all whine about the cold and rain during the Grumpy's ride? You are in Minnesota after all, isn't the riding season about two weeks long? There can't possibly be any rider events in the frozen north.... can there?

Recorded on May 6th, 2009, Kevin Kocur from Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly joins us to talk about some of the upcoming rider events (motorcycle and scooter) for the 2009 season. Yes, we cram a lot of events into those "two weeks" including some of the largest rallies in the country.

The very wet Grumpy's ride...It's cold. It's pouring rain. I know..... let's ride around to all the local Grumpy's locations!

Recorded on April 26th, 2009, yes, in the pouring rain. Grumpy's Bar, with locations in downtown Minneapolis, Northeast Minneapolis & Roseville, is known to be friendly to those who ride. The Two-Wheels-And-A-Motor crew thought it would be fun to visit all three locations and do a little podcasting. The original idea was to switch off between different rides between each location. Things just didn't quite work out that way. The day was cold and wet, so unfamiliar rides would NOT have been a good idea.

CT & Pooter rode, Dave from rode, Lora and Matt (representing Scooterville - Bob was out of town) rode. Kevin Kocur from Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly rode.  Paul from Heck's Angles rode. Tom from the Moto Mutts rode. Steven Anderson came in a truck, and Ryan from Blue Cat drove his 1970 Saab (Babies!) Listen in as we chat about rain gear, riding in the rain, and what a welcoming place Grumpy's is. All three locations were excellent hosts. Even allowing us massive amounts of extra space to dry out our rain gear between rides!

Long Distance Motorcycle Roders Part TwoAlso recorded at JustGottaScoot world headquarters in Minneapolis on February 20th, 2009. FINALLY, edited and compiled in freekin' APRIL of 2009 (talk about being behind schedule...), the second part of the Long Distance Riders Show. We continue with Kevin Kocur (who still hangs out with the Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly people, despite the smell - of Kevin, not necessarily of the magazine), Jim Winterer & Marty Leir, the Iron Butt 2007 winner. This episode contains just a few of the stories our guests shared about their long distance riding experiences. Also, be sure and listen to regular panelist Ryan Scott as he tells of an overseas motorcycling adventure.

Long Distance Motorcycle Riders Part OneRecorded at HAIR POLICE in Minneapolis Minnesota in January, then lost, then re- recorded at JustGottaScoot world headquarters in Minneapolis on February 20th, 2009. This episode features Kevin Kocur, contributor to Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly, and known locally as the long-distance motorcycle rider with the smelliest riding gear. Kevin also brought Marty Leir and Jim Winterer. Jim has more than three decades of long distance riding experience and Marty was the Iron Butt 2007 winner. 

This is part one of our long distance riding episodes and includes basic information about vehicles and gear as well as info about preparing your self physically and mentally for long distance rides.

Second All Female Two Wheels and a Motor Show Recorded at HAIR POLICE in Minneapolis Minnesota on January 17th, 2009. Our second all-female rider panel. The regular panelists (Chris Thomas, Pooter Fitzgerald, Ryan Scott, Bob Hedstrom & Dave Harrington) were there. For once, Dave (mostly) kept his big yap shut and let the other panelists ask questions. WARNING - a fair amount of "adult" language escaped the editing on this episode. Our very special guests were: Hot Donna, Molly, Anna & Kelly. They talked about gear for female riders, doing there own mechanical work, the stereotypes they encounter and how they started riding.

CLICK HERE to listen to the Two Wheels and a Motor Chistmas 2008 showRecorded at BlueCat Motors in St. Paul Minnesota on December 6th, 2008. The panel included the regulars (Chris Thomas, Pooter Fitzgerald, Ryan Scott, Bob Hedstrom & Dave Harrington) along with Stephen Anderson and special guests Ruth Menard, Darci and Adam.

Crash stories - pretty self explanatory.


CLICK HERE to listen to our Thanksgiving 2008 showRecorded at Pooter's house, someplace in the deep dark recesses of "Nordeast" Minneapolis on November 9th, 2008. The regular panelists were there (Chris Thomas, Pooter Fitzgerald, Ryan Scott, Bob Hedstrom & Dave Harrington) as well as a long list of participants from other shows and guests including Steven Anderson, Ryan O'Rourke, Ruth Menard, Joe Capello, Hot Donna and many, many others. There was food and drink aplenty and some great stories.


CLICK HERE to listen to the future of two wheels and a motorRecorded at BlueCat Motors in St. Paul Minnesota on October 18th, 2008. The panel was made up of "regulars" CT, Pooter, Ryan and Dave and included special guests Steven Anderson, Jonathan Wheelock and Aaron Scott who was filling in for Bob Hedstrom. Jonathan is in sales at Scooterville and has many years of retail powersports experience. Aaron is Ryan's brother and owns Motor Earth and is a partner at BlueCat Motors.

Topics included alternative power sources for two-wheeled conveyances along with discussion about the types and sizes of machines likely to have market share in the near future. 

CLICK HERE to listen to our all-female riders episodeRecorded at Pi Bar & Restaurant in Minneapolis on September 18th, 2008. Pi has since closed which is a bummer because it was a really great place. I'd like to think that recording a TWAAM show there didn't damage their business. Of course if it did, they can take appropriate legal action at  This was our fist All-Female panel. Dayna, Erin, Kelly, Wilma, Amie and Lindsey did a wonderful job fielding questions about how/why they started riding, whether they ride more with men or other women, and describing their favorite rides. We'd like to thank Pi Bar & Restaurant for their hospitality. They are missed by their many regular patrons.

CLICK HERE to listen to two wheels and a motor new or vintageRecorded at Scooterville in Minneapolis Minnesota on September 8th, 2008. The regular panel were all present (Chris Thomas, Pooter Fitzgerald, Ryan Scott, Bob Hedstrom & Dave Harrington) Our special guest was Ryan O'Rourke from Minneapolis.

There was an attempt at defining "vintage" as it applies to two-wheeled conveyances, and a great discussion based on the question "What would you have if you could only own one ride?"

CLICK HERE to listen to the Rattle My Bones pre-rally show Recorded at BlueCat Motors in St. Paul Minnesota on August 9th, 2008. This may well be the best episode of Two-Wheels-And-A-Motor ever recorded as Pooter was missing form the panel that day. He had some lame excuse and claimed he was out of town. Good riddance. Everyone else managed to crawl in and do the show, CT, Ryan, Bob & Dave were joined by Joe Capello. Joe is a local vintage scooterist and was leading the "big ride" for the Rattle My Bones scooter rally. There was talk of the rally, how to ride in a big group, and the the panelists talked about the first scooter/motorcycle they ever owned.

Recorded LIVE at the Bearded Lady Motorcycle Freak Show Recorded live at the Bearded Lady Motorcycle Freak Show in Minneapolis Minnesota on July 26th, 2008. Dave Harrington of Just Gotta Scoot pretty much just wandered around and shoved a microphone in people's faces.

CLICK HERE to listen to our very first episodeRecorded at the 331 Club in Minneapolis Minnesota on June 30th, 2008. This is the show that started it all. This was all Pooter & CT's idea. They asked Dave Harrington to record some people talking trash about scooters and motorcycles. At first he refused... then they offered free liquor. Well..... OK. Have a listen. It's a fun show.


CLICK HERE to visit the Bearded Lady website  CLICK HERE to visit the BlueCat Motors website  CLICK HERE to visit the Scooterville website  CLICK HERE to visit the Hair Police website CLICK HERE to visit the Just Gotta Scoot websiteHell's Kitchen Damn Good Food in Minneapolis & Duluth