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Pooter - Robert Fitzgerald

"I have lots of ideas, Trouble is, most of them suck..." George Carlin

I did a podcast for with CT and Dave for the Bearded Lady Motorcycle Freak show. After we completed the show, CT immediately called me super psyched and wanted to do more. Knowing how much he loves to hear himself talk, and not wanting to see tears in his little puppy eyes, I called Dave. So began the focus of my ADHD.

Every now and again I get an idea that doesn't end in an insurance claim or "Yes, officer." This turned out to be one of the better ones. I'm not sure if it was morbid curiosity or the free booze that made Dave say yes to letting us get the first panel together and record, but he did and Two Wheels and a Motor was born.

After High School, I took off to see the world. After ten years, I came home with the opinion that Minneapolis sucks the least, and I wanted to help out anyway I could. Short of moving away, I decided to get heavy into the local riding scene. I started hanging out at the local shops getting to know everyone I could. I rode with anyone that could keep up. I met some cool people, and some assholes, but was enjoying the hobby that pretty much runs my life.

When we met up that first night to record the podcast, Dave, Bob, Stephen, Ryan, Aaron, CT and I didn't really have a clue. What we did have was free run, a tub of beer, and bottle of liquid genius. The episode speaks for itself. Dave is pretty much our wrangler and keeps us in a loose set of rules. CT and I try to come up with shit that we would listen to. Our panel changes, and is filled with people who have passion for motorcycles and scooters and plenty of opinions. Give a listen, let us know what you think. If you want, join in - that's how we got here. 

Pooter playing in the dirt

Pooter trying to "wheelie" a tractor while playing in the dirt.

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